Princess Violet is the second child and only daughter of Sigrid and Fili and twin sister of Vili II and older sister of Kili. She was named after her father's close friend, Violet Greenhill

Biography Edit

Tales of Middle-earth Edit

Violet is born in the tale, "Another Royal Birth" with her twin brother, Prince Vili, also named after their paternal grandfather, Vili I.

Inspiration Edit

Jaina Solo, the daughter of Han Solo in the legends continuity served as an inspiration for Violet. Both have twins who have the same first name initials (Jaina to Violet and Jacen to Vili II). One difference is that Violet's brother never turned to the Dark Side. Both are the eldest child and only girls (ie, Violet's twin brother is Vili and younger brother is Kili II). Another similarity was they were both named after an important female figure in their fathers' lives (Jaina was named after her father's mother and Violet was named after her father's family friend, Violet) Both also lose their twin, however, Jaina kills her brother while Violet's brother was killed by the hand of an orc, thus leaving her as the heir and next Queen of Erebor.