The Sickness, also known as the Sleeping Curse is the main antagonist of Girls of Middle-earth. Although not a  real person, the sickness does prove to be the main villain of the series, Girls of Middle-earth. It has no proper name and is referred to as the Sickness throughout the novel.

History Edit

Violet is forbidden by Thorin to leave the mountain because Bilbo is already sick and doesn't want to lose her too like he's losing Kili. So instead, Fili encourages her, Sigrid and Tauriel to find the cure to save their friends and family. Nearly towards Lothlorien midway through the book, Violet starts acting different by remainign bossy and annoying towards Tauriel and Sigrid, but the girls manage to break Violet out of her opposite personality.

Known affects Edit

  • The first sign of the sickness is a difference

in the person's attitude. Rather than acting like their normal selves, they will sometimes have fits of rage and act their opposite personalities.

    • Bilbo remains cold and distant from his friends,

especially Violet. Usually, he is warm to friends and never has Violet leave his side.

    • Tilda threw a 

tantrum at her older sister, Sigrid and fights with her siblings while she usually has a calm relation between siblings

    • Kili however was positive as he usually is

reckless; he was instead responsible, which causes Fili and Tauriel suspicious.

  • Second sign: There is a fever
    • Bilbo complains about being hot when the

temperature was cold

    • Sigrid tells Violet that they were once in

a  cold lake and Tilda started burning up.

    • Kíli started burning up when he and Tauriel were

in their bedroom in a cold floor

  • Third and final sign: They fall into a death-like

sleep. It does not kill them, only makes them suffer an eternal sleep until cured by the Cure. Trivia

  • It usually takes about two weeks for it to take affect.
  • The only known cure is a tonic made from Elven wood and

trees from Lothlorien and the Foxglove flower mixed in with Lorien's ruler's magic brewed into it