Tauriel was an Elf of Mirkwood and later a Lady under the Mountain and Princess of Durin's Folk due to her marriage of Prince Kili. She was also friends with Violet Greenhill and Sigrid of Dale due to their bonding while finding the Sleeping Curse sickness to heal their friends. 


Early lifeEdit

Tauriel was born to Auriel, but her mother was shortly killed after a battle. She is then raised under Thranduil's care and also developed feelings for Legolas as they grew up.


Tauriel is bold, caring, protective, selfless and somewhat reckless. She is sometimes impatient, as seen when the Orcs they captured will not tell them information.

Tauriel cares for the well-being of others outside her race. This is evident when she chases down the orcs to save Thorin and Company. Also when Kíli gets shot by a poisoned Morgul arrow, she opts to help treat his wound rather than follow Legolas. She also tends to Violet's wound after being stung by a spider of Mirkwood's poison and the previous wound she received in Goblin Town. She also thought more about Bard's daughters rather than just waiting for him like Bain suggests.