Hazel Bolger Goldworthy is the protagonist of the Last three books of the Baggins Chronicles.She is Bilbo's and Violet's granddaughter, Frodo and Thorin's niece, Bilbo Baggins, Junior's cousin and Merry Brandybuck's adoptive cousin. She corresponds to Samwise Gamgee from the original novels written by JRR Tolkien. The only exception is she is Frodo's niece and not his servant like Sam was. Hazel is later mother of Bungo and Violet Goldworthy. She married her love interest and childhood friend, Adam Goldworthy and named her children after her grandmother and great-grandfather.

Before her uncle departed, Hazel was given Sting while Bilbo recieved the Mithril coat. Together, they were given the Red Book of the Westermarch. Hazel and Bilbo then title their work fo art the "Baggins Chronicles"

Relatives Edit

  • Adam Goldworthy (husband)
  • Violet Goldworthy (daughter)
  • Bungo Goldworthy (son)
  • Richard Bolger (father)
  • Lily Bolger (nee Baggins) (mother)
  • Bilbo Baggins (maternal grandfather)
  • Violet Baggins (nee Greenhill) (maternal grandmother)
  • Thorin Baggins (maternal uncle)
  • Frodo Baggins (maternal uncle)
  • Unnamed paternal grandfather
  • Fastolph Bolger (great-grandfather/maternal great-great-granduncle)
  • Pansy Baggins (paternal great-grandmother/maternal great-great-grandaunt)
  • Many other aunts, uncles, great-aunts, greatuncles, and cousins

Trivia Edit

  • She has three relatives named Frodo: One son of Bilbo and Violet, the second her grandmother's maternal ancestor, Frodo Cauliflower, and last Frodo the protagonist of The Lord of teh Rings