Princess elsa

Elsa (born November 23, 2946) is the twin sister of Alison, the older sister of Inge and Sven, the cousin of Violet, Vili and Kili the Second, niece of Fili and Sigrid, granddaughter of Dis, Vili, and Auriel. She was born on the fifth anniversery of the of the Five Armies and two-hundred years after her great-uncle. After the War of the Ring, Elsa marries her distant cousin Gimli son of Gloin (despite their age difference) and later mothers a son and a daughter (both unnamed).

Elsa also is portrayed by Victoria Justice.

Early Life Edit

Elsa was born on the twenthy third of november, 2946 of the Third Age ten minutes after her twin sister, Alison was born. Thorin blessed her and was in fact taken with her. He was there, as well as Bilbo, Violet, and her aunt and uncle. Bilbo becomes her godfather and Sigrid is named Elsa's godmother. 

War of the Ring Edit

Battle of Dale Edit

Elsa participated in the Battle of Dale under th leadership of her uncle, Fili, the king under the mountain. She worried for her love and future husband, Gimli when he went to join the Fellowship of the Ring.

Elsa is significantly an exact look alike of her father. She has his brown hair and brown eyes, but also has her mother's fair skin and shape of face. She also has the same gleam in her eyes when she's cheerful like her great-uncle, Frertin had whenever he was happy. That was also one of the reasons why Thorin considered her his favorite great-niece. Because of her half-elven heritage, Elsa ages faster than the average Dwarf, one of the reason swhy her and Gimli are considered the same age.


  • The name "Elsa"is of Hebrew origin. It means "God's promise", "God is my oath" or joyful
  • El, a name her siblings call her. 
  • Elsie, a name Inge gave her sister when she was a very young woman. 
  • Ellie, a nickname Violet gives her for affection. 
  • Auntie Elsa

Relatives Edit