Baggins Chronicles: Children of Middle-earth is a spin off of Violet Greenhill trilogy. This story focuses on the lives of Frodo Baggins, Thorin Baggins, and Lily Baggins and their father Bilbo Baggins after the disappearance of their mother Violet.

Summary Edit

Violet Greenhill-Baggins has mysteriously disappeared, leaving others to mourn. Now the Baggins children, Frodo, Thorin and Lily grow up being raised by their father Bilbo Baggins and uncle, Thorin Oakenshield coping without their mother.

Characters Edit

Frodo Baggins: the oldest of the Baggins siblings and the only one born in Erebor. Frodo makes it his duty to look after his younger siblings after their mother's disappearance

Thorin Baggins: the middle of the Baggins Siblings, born in the middle of the Battle of the Northern Plains.

Lily Baggins