Alison was born on the fifth anniversery of the Battle of the Five Armeis, the first daughter of Tauriell and Kili, a dwarf-elf hybrid, the wife of Legolas. sister of Inge, twin sister of Elsa and Sven, granddaughter of Vili, Dis, and Ariel, niece of Fili and Sigrid, and Violet, Kili, and Vili II. She was also great-niece of Frerin and Thorin Oakenshield and a descendant of Durin the Deathless. She was also the princess of Erebor and Mirkwood (later renamed back to the Greenwood)

Because she is half-dwarven, Alison grows up at a rapid rate, which worried her parents until it is revealed that another dwarf-elf hybrid was about one hundred and seventy five years old, meaning she will become half-immortal, half-mortal.

Personality and traitsEdit


Alison is a mixture o her mother and father. She mostly looks like her mother, having her red hair and green eyes, but has her father's shaped eyes, according to Violet. In her official portrait, Alison does have red hair and red lips and green eyes. She also wears a green skirt, black tights, and green bodice. Underneath is a light green. She has arrows strapped to her waist and carries a bow with her. She also as green boots and her hair is styled like Princess Leia's hair on Cloudcity in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back. Alison also is fair and has pointed ears but not as pointed as her mother's. As Legolas' wife, Alison is seen wearing a circlet with a leaf like pattern to signature her look as future Queen of Mirkwood. She also has this same style when she goes on the Quest of the One Ring.


Tauriel Edit


Kili Edit

Alison rarely is seen with ehr father, but with her mother. Alison is not as clos e to her father as her twin sister, Elsa is towards Kíli. She seems to love her father as she reminds him before hand taht it is his and Tauriel's wedding anniversery. When Alison was born, her father was the first person she saw after she was no longer blinded as a baby.